First: I got 20 on this one. Don’t cheat.

27 02 2006

I got:

The average person only gets 7 right.

This is based on U.S. info, so use all lobes of your brain. This can be more difficult than it looks – it just shows how little most of us really see!

There are 25 questions about things we see every day or have known about all our lives. How many can you get right? These little simple questions are harder than you think– it just shows you how little we pay attention to the commonplace things of life. Put your thinking caps on.

No cheating! No looking around! No getting out of your chair! No using anything on or in your desk or computer!

Can you beat 20?? It is nearly impossible for any normal person to get higher than a 20 (The average is 7). Write down your answers and check answers (on the bottom) AFTER completing all t he questions.

REMEMBER – NO CHEATING!!! BE HONEST!!! That means no looking at your phone or anything on your desk…

Then, before you resend this, change the numbeon the subject line to show how many you got corre! ct.


Here we go!

1. On a standard traffic light, is the green on the top or bottom?

2. How many states are there in the USA? (Don’t laugh, some people don’t know)

3. In which hand is the Statue of Liberty’s torch?

4. What six colors are on the classic Campbell’s soup label?

5. What two numbers on the telephone dial don’t have letters by them?

6. When you walk does your left arm swing with your right or left leg? (Don’t you dare get up to see!)

7. How many matches are in a standard pack?

8. On the United States flag is the top stripe red or white?

9. What is the lowest number on the FM dial?

10. Which way does water go down the drain, counterclockwise or clockwise?

11. Which way does a “no smoking” sign’s slash run?

12. How many channels on a VHF TV dial?

13. On which side of a women’s blouse are the buttons?

14. Which way do fans rotate?

15. How many sides does a stop sign have?

16. Do books have even-numbered pages on the right or left side?

17. How many lug nuts are on a standard car wheel?

18. How many sides are there on a standard pencil?

19. Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc. Who’s missing?

20. How many hot dog buns are in a standard package?

21. On which playing card is the card maker’s trademark?

22. On which side of a Venetian blind is the cord that adjusts the
opening between the slats?

23. There are 12 buttons on a touch tone phone. What 2 symbols bear no digits?

24. How many curves are there in the standard paper clip?

25. Does a merry-go-round turn counter or clockwise?


1. Bottom

2. 50

3. Right

4. Blue, red, white, yellow, black, &gold

5. 1, 0

6. Right

7. 20

8. Red

9. 87.7

10. Clockwise (north of the equator)

11. Towards bottom right

12. 12 (no number 1)

13. Left

14. Clockwise as you look at it

15. 8

16. Left

17. 5

18. 6

19. Bashful

20. 8

21. Ace of spades

22. Left

23. *, ..

24. 3

25. Counter


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21 02 2006

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27 01 2006

I’m sure this isn’t a real citizenship test, but it’s interesting. They don’t give you answers.

You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations – you got 8 out of 10 correct!

Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

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2 01 2006

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19 12 2005

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More of nothing doing…

13 12 2005

Open iTunes/iPod or Windows Media Player to answer the following. Go to your library. Answer, no matter how embarrasing it is.

Number of songs: 2612
FIRST SONG: Echelon – 30 Seconds to Mars
LAST SONG: In the Waiting Line – Zero 7

Sort by TIME
SHORTEST SONG: sb-Stiny (a strongbad quote) – :01
LONGEST SONG: Motherfucker=Redeemer – Godspeed You Black Emperor – 31:25

Sort by ALBUM
FIRST SONG: Rocket 88 – James Cotton (from the album 100% Cotton)
LAST SONG: Ordinary Dream – Electric Light Orchestra (from the album Zoom)

(sadly… or maybe it’s better off, I just imported all my stuff to iTunes since I was only using it for podcasts before… so I’ll kind of make this up)
1. Darkness Between the Fireflies – Mason Jennings
2. Holes to Heaven – Jack Johnson
3. You to Thank – Ben Folds
4. Little Man – Atmosphere
5. Bloodmobile – They Might Be Giants

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Chop Suey! – Tenacious D

Search ….
“sex”, how many songs come up? 12
“death”, how many songs come up? 30
“love”, how many songs come up? 87
“you”, how many songs come up? 236

Only because this is a distraction…

13 12 2005

First school: Saint Mary’s of the Lake preschool

First concert: Elton John… two words: A MAZING

First screen name: arne007

First funeral: my great grandmother’s

First scar: Dude… I have so many damn scars, I couldn’t say. Earliest I can think of at the moment: cat going apeshit on my left hand… I have a cross scar there. I think I’m just prone to scarring.

First pet: Rin Tin Red III

First piercing/tattoo: cartilage

First big trip: Nassau, Bahamas – 3 years old

First flight: same

First time out of the country: That again

First job: Caddy at Wayzata Country Club by the bag – Byerly’s Bag Boy at hourly

First true love: Tami, my first girlfriend

First MySpace friend: myspace? what’s that?

Last person you hugged: Ceci

Last song you heard: Jack Johnson – Mudfootball

Last car ride: Car? I think it was driving to Ridgedale with the fam to get on the Better Bus

Last time you drank/got high/ or did domething illegal: well, since drinking ain’t illegal for me anymore, I’d say holding secret meetings in unscheduled classrooms

Last time you took a shower: This morning

Last time you cried: Mike’s funeral

Last movie you watched: Jarhead, I think

Last food you ate: coffee now; pita and hummus an hour ago

Last item bought: Coffee

Last shirt worn: Mr. Yuk tee with long-sleeve warm-up

Last phone call: My Mom

Last time at the mall: Thanksgiving at Ridgedale for as little time as possible

Last drink: Coffee or beer

Last text message in your inbox: Oh boy… “Awww such a cute couple, mostly due to her looks and your pretty sweater.”

Last text message in your outbox: “Good luck testing! I know you’ll do great!”

Last thing you typed: Physics Lab write-up

And a box of wart removal bandages…

11 12 2005
The Twelve Days of Christmas
for cleptoparasite:
Day # Who? What they got you
1st kitty_cal Wart removal bandages
2nd bluejess33 A menorah
3rd frenchdavidface Two Lumps of coal
4th leaping_spirits The deeds to Park Place and Boardwalk
5th kitty_cal A magical fairy that only you can see
6th melbystar A hobo stick
7th pintsize A bag stolen from a bag lady
8th bluejess33 The collected poems of M.C. Hammer
9th veritableverity A carefully choreographed dance sequence to Thriller
10th torpidtorpedo A bag stolen from a bag lady
11th gidgey1 Two pounds of candy apples
12th leaping_spirits A previously used hankie
Take this Quiz at
( or, take the ‘adult’ version at )

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10 11 2005

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25 10 2005

List 5 songs that you are currently loving. It doesn’t matter what genre they are from, whether or not they have words, or even if they’re any good. However, they must be songs that you are enjoying right now.

Post these instructions, the artists, and the songs in your xanga or blog. Then tag 5 other people to see what they’re listening to.

I was tagged by: Kristen

The Five I’m Currently Digging:

1. Seventeen Years – Ratatat – “I’ve been rappin’ for about seventeen years, okay? I don’t write my stuff anymore, I just kick it from my head, you know what I’m sayin’? I can do that. No disrespect, but that’s how I am.” It starts with this sample, then crescendos to mind-shattering guitar riffs. Strictly instrumental, they’ll pump you up hardcore.

2. Indra – Thievery Corporation – I downloaded Lebanese Blonde because I liked it from the Garden State soundtrack, but this track is one I’ve been listening to quite a bit.

3. Secret Agent – – This is actually an underground music station that plays stuff you rarely, if ever, hear on the radio. I love to turn this on when I’m studying because a lot of the songs are instrumental and from a great musical era. SA plays Bossa Nova, Jazz, global and more. Anything that sounds like spy music.

4. Can’t Complain – Nickel Creek – The song’s a sad love song. I think I’m attracted to those the most.

5. Smoke – Ben Folds Five – Another pessimist’s love song. Besides, Folds reminds me of fall since that’s when I got into him.

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