28 05 2005

What the hell?
And this guy gets reelected every term?


28 05 2005

This entry was written on 5/28 as a recap!

Tuesday was a bum day with little doin’. That night we played cards at
RJ’s (Arjay’s?) house. I lost money, but I had a good time with some of
the crew.

So much to say…

25 05 2005

Written 5/28:

I have so much to say and I need to sleep. Don’t let the fact that I didn’t write about it immediately cancel out its relevance. I just need sleep.


25 05 2005

This entry was written on 5/28 as a recap!

Wednesday was a highlight of my time home. Kates and I decided
it would be fun to treat our cousin Max to Valleyfair since he rarely gets the
luxury of people our age (or a father) to hang out with.

As a background, Valleyfair is like Six Flags over Minnesota.
It’s the biggest theme park we have, and we make the best of it cuz it rocks.

We started off meeting Max where my aunt dropped him off by
our house. They were late due to traffic, which we soon found out would be a
major bummer. A pesticide truck tipped and tore open southwest of the cities
and was burning up. It messed up traffic in the whole city, and we were late
everywhere that day.

After we got Max, we went to Valleyfair. The trip normally
takes 30 minutes, but today it took almost an hour. When we got there, it was
looking cold and crappy outside. It had already been raining, but it let up
when we got there, which was nice. When we got in, Max refused to go on any of
the fun “new theme park”-type rides like the Power Tower (big drop) or Steel
Venom (big speed and drop), so we settled for going on coasters, which he
became obsessed with. All three of us got quite sick as the day progressed.

It got rainy and shitty, and we got wet and cold. I saw
Lindsey from Madison at a temporary
tattoo booth, and we chatted since I hadn’t seen her since school. That was
fun. Later, it got even rainier, and the rides got pretty open since most of
the grade school kids were pussing out and heading home on their buses. (Hah… I
guess I just called grade schoolers pussies… hey, my cousin played hookey to
come to Valleyfair with us, so I was proud of him.)

Here’s where the story gets interesting: I
took Max out to the car to get some dry clothes on after we rode the
“thunder rapids” ride where you get soaked. When we got out there, I
noticed a car two spots from us with a couple in it. The windows were a
little foggy, but I saw what looked like a girl giving her bf head and some hotboxing
(ask me) in the car. The guy took a picture of the girl, too. Now, if
this was some kind of place that only adults go (I don’t know where
that might be), I might have just dismissed it as being spontaneous
when you can’t be outside and the weather sucks. The case was
different, though. Little kids were the majority of the park’s patrons
for the day, and there was a constant chance that many of them might
wander away from their buses and walk by this sick shit in the parking
lot. I didn’t even say anything as Max changed, and I don’t think
(read: prayed) that he didn’t see anything.

When I got inside the park, I spoke to guest
services that I saw that stuff and that they should send someone out to
check on it. The tough part was convincing my cousin that I had to go
to guest services to tell them “what great customer service we got in
the park!” He totally didn’t believe anything I said, and I hope that
he didn’t see the stuff that was going on.

After all was said and done at the old VF, we
packed up and headed home to meet my aunt Suzy and drop off Max.
Traffic sucked serious ass since part of the highway system was still
closed. We got home, though. I went to sleep around 8:30 and woke up
around 7:00am… then 8:00am and lastly 11:00am the next day. Oy.

Home! Finally!

23 05 2005

This entry was written on 5/28 as a recap!

Today, after an arduous and eventful Greyhound trip home, I went to a
St. Paul Saints game with my sister and my cousin Max. The game was
fun, and I forgot how fun and interactive Saints games were. We had a

Afterwards, we dropped Max off at home and Kates and I went to the
Mermaid Bowl in New Brighton. We bowled a little, but the highlight was
seeing just about every
person I had missed in the last six months. Among those there: Kevin,
Barthel, Ross, Cammy (yes! I’m glad I didn’t miss you!), Callie, Andrea
and RJ (whom I rarely have talked to but am glad to have met again.)
After bowling for an hour, we hit up Perkins and laughed our asses off
well into the night.

A Recap – written 5/28

22 05 2005

This is www.thepbf.com. As always, I recommend it.

So. Life has been full of excitement since school ended two weeks ago.
My buzzed ass feels the need to recount the majority of it in “daily
detail” , mostly for historical accuracy, so bear with me as long as
you can. Feel free to skim and glean.

Friday, May 13 – School ENDS!!!
We (a group of many) headed to the Memorial Union to listen to the Big
Wu and booty dance. I pissed a couple lady friends off by movin’ me
arse… but I really didn’t care.

Saturday, May 14 – Monday, May 16
– This period consisted of much revelry and sleeping as I saw fit. It
was pretty much my reward for surviving finals in one piece. I went to
the dentist on Monday for a teeth cleaning and set up an appointment to
shadow a root canal.

Tuesday, May 17 – Friday, May 20 – Tuesday
was interesting because I saw what should have been a root canal go to
a two to three visit ordeal because of an infected tooth. Somehow, I
was fascinated by this. I think dentistry may be right for me. Through
Saturday, I taught sailing. All I can say is that it’s amazing. I find
it so cool that I can take sailing students with no
sailing experience and show them how to sail a basic dinghy. I only
hope that the rest of the season is so enriching both to me and to
others. I love this teaching stuff!
Chloe’s 22nd b-day was on Friday, and we partie like the rockstars we are. You may hear whispers of “Nachtspiel”, “embarassing”, “Paul’s Club” and “sick” in the same sentences among the group that partied that night. Needless to say, I need not write about all the crazy shit that happened to us to remember it.

Saturday, May 21 – Sunday, May 22 – On
Sat. I taught my last lesson for a bit. I also straightened out the
arrangement for my friend Maureen to drive me back home. We planned on
heading back early Sunday so we could catch a St. Paul Saints minor
league game. (I think on the Thursday night before, Maureen and I saw
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Go see it! I’ve seen it twice now!)
Anywho, Maureen’s “New Beetle” conked out, and I ended up “hounding” it
to the cities. The Greyhound wasn’t as bad as stories had built it up
to be, and I ended up riding it with two friends who were off to the
cities for a conference. Katy and BJ were going to a prep conference
for exclusive missionary trips to places where they could only mention
the region they were heading to. They’re leaving for 6 weeks each to
two different areas that sound fairly dangerous. I hope they work hard
and that something good comes from it all.

Monday, May 23 – PRESENT – I’m
putting these entries seperately in chronological order even though I’m
writing them all on the morning of Saturday the 28th. This entry will
say May 22 since that’s what it covers.

A Series of “Whys” by (Soh)C(ahT)o(a)

17 05 2005

Why, oh, why? This question was raised several times today. It reminds
me of sweet childhood when “why” questions ruled my world. Here are
some such questions that came to mind today:

Why does MTV use great bands as back tracks to promote shitty bands
and/or shitty shows? Why, specifically, did I hear Pretty Girls Make
Graves being played (sans lyrics, of course,) while shitty Maroon 5
shows off their shitty house? Why do Maroon 5 live together?

Some culinary “Whys”:
Why do people use non-dairy creamer? Why don’t they realize that the
very existence of powdered non-dairy creamer is a horrible paradox? Why
don’t they use half-and-half, soy milk or rice milk instead?
Why do folks eat Kraft singles? Why don’t they eat real cheese that doesn’t look like plastic?
Why are brat buns sold in eights while brats are sold in sixes? Why do
I need to buy 24 brats and buns to be economically efficient?

Once again, I’m so tired. More “whys” tomorrow, wise guys.

Dat da dat da dat dat dat girl…

16 05 2005

I was just listening to dat Black Eyed Peas song.

So today I found out I was flossing wrong at my teeth cleaning. I guess
that’s a pretty bad thing for someone who might be a dentist. I’d
better get that squared away. I’m also shadowing a root canal tomorrow.
SWEET! (for me…)

I find that the things that get me excitesd get few others excited. Think bugs, beetles, teeth, weird music…

This entry is getting horribly lame, and I’m going to go blading with Chloe… so…


16 05 2005

So here I sit, finals over. I feel like I seriously fucked up my
organic chemistry final, and I expect a C for the course, though I may
get a BC, in which case I’ll be ecstatic. I already surprised myself
with an A in physics, which made me happy. Unfortunately, it will be
the only good scholastic news in my future, I think.

So now that I’ve put finals behind me, I have a load
of things to start doing. I’ve already been shadowing Hoofers lessons
so that I’m ready to teach on Wednesday. Today some dude capsized at
the pier and fell in. Everyone looked at me to go in the water and
right the boat since I already fell in. It was ass cold.

Ugh. I just got really sleepy. I’ll write later.

No Minneapolis?

11 05 2005

American Cities That Best Fit You:

65% Washington, DC
60% Philadelphia
60% San Francisco
55% Atlanta
55% Chicago