Frank Warren Speaks!

22 10 2007

Tonight I went to see Frank Warren of PostSecret speak. He was really inspiring.

He spoke about how he got started with the project, what the secrets mean to him and what he hopes to accomplish. He told a lot of good stories, some funny, some sad and many hopeful. He read some fresh secrets that he had never read before and even opened an envelope with some secrets that had been handed to him at his last speaking engagement.

At first, when he spoke, Frank came off as a little cheesy. His talk of the secrets and how they help him learn and grow reminded me of pastors and teachers speaking to us during high school devotion. In school it felt insincere, but Frank’s talk slowly pulled me in, and I felt myself following with what he said.

He spoke about the first big media exposure he got after the initial bit from the site. It was a video for an All American Rejects song called Dirty Little Secret (which I can’t link to. Thanks, YouTube, for making my version of Flash incompatible with half of your videos.) Frank was offered $1,000 to use his secrets in the video. Instead, he requested that they donate $2000 to Hopeline, a suicide hotline at 1-800-SUICIDE.

The sentiment of his that I felt most in tune with was that he felt he does not censor the cards of others. I felt like sometimes he might have wanted to, but he said he only takes down cards by request. His feeling was that so much of art, be it music, photography, painting or otherwise, is chosen to be displayed in boardrooms. This is raw, though. This is created by people and shot directly to Frank’s mailbox. He’s absolutely right not to censor it. I was fortunate to go to the talk.

By the way, he shared a secret with us. It’s in the first Post Secret book.


29 03 2007

Gone going gone everything gone give a damn. – Jack Johnson

I’m heading to San Diego starting Saturday with Nate, Katie, Charlie and Janelle. We’ll be back Friday. I’ll be sure to take pictures!

RIAA boycott and (yikes!)

23 03 2007

Gizmodo has an RIAA boycott in effect. Try it out! I rarely buy CDs, but I’ll start being more conscious. Anyone who reads this, let me know if you’re going to do it!

Also, looking at digg, I found a story about how a woman is allergic to electromagnetic waves. holycrapcheckitout. She gets skin rashes and her eyelids swell to three times their normal size. Now you see why … (yikes!)

Regina, Regina

20 03 2007

I needed my Regina Spektor fix since I (ironically) lost all of my ripped mp3s upon attempting to back them up. I went and got the streaming live show recorded by Bob Boilen’s All Songs Considered on NPR.

Spektor’s songwriting prowess makes her one of my all time favorite artists. Here are the lyrics to her song “Sailor Song” from her 2004 album Soviet Kitsch. (I tried to fix up the lyrics as best as I could since the lyrics sites are so awful. It seems like once one person posts incorrect lyrics, they all do. I used the live NPR version to fix the lyrics, so a couple nuances might be wrong, but these are oodles better than the ones I found through Google.)

Sailor Song by Regina Spektor

She will kiss you ’til your lip bleeds
But she will not take her dress off,
Americana, tropicana,
All the sailor boys have demons
They sing “Oh Kentucky why did you forsake me
If I was meant to sail the sea?
Why did you make me?
It should’ve been another state
Oh state…”
Cause Mary Anne’s a bitch
Mary Anne’s a bitch
Mary Anne’s a bitch
Mary Anne’s a bitch
Mary Anne’s a bitch
Mary Anne’s a bitch.

Does it matter that our anchors
couldn’t even reach the bottom
of a bath tub?
And the sails reflect the moon
It’s such a strange job
Playing black jack on the deck,
Atop this giant puddle, dressed in white
We quietly huddle with our missiles
And we miss the girls back home
Oh home sweet home
Cause Mary Anne’s a bitch
Mary Anne’s a bitch
Mary Anne’s a bitch
Mary Anne’s a bitch
Mary Anne’s a bitch
Mary Anne’s a bitch!

‘Cause she will kiss ’til your lip bleeds
But she will not take her dress off


19 03 2007

I learned recently through navigating the blogosphere that a lurker is one who views blogs, but fails to post comments on those blogs. More specifically (says Wikipedia), a lurker is one who views any of a number of self-published internet media types, but “rarely participates”.

I have reason to believe that there is a lurker viewing this very blog. I get stats on the blog, and I can see hits, as well as search engine terms used to find me. A lot of those terms are for things I’m obsessed with, like Arrested Development references. Others are for obscure things like songs by Godspeed You Black Emperor. Yet there is one search term that makes me suspicious: “co, the badger”. Very few of my friends know about this blog, as I haven’t made it public while I’ve been making my transfer from my old blog. In fact, I’d put money down that there are only two or three people who know about it. I can only think of one name right now, though.

Anyways, I don’t care if you tell me who you are or not, but stop lurking and start commenting. You can do it anonymously, you know. You are my only regular reader, after all.

Well, another completely exhausting day. Time to hit the hay (before 11:00 tonight! YAY!) A lot of interesting projects are boiling in my brain stew. I’ll let them out soon, my pretties! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Sore Loser #1

5 11 2006

I’ve lauded the production abilities of many of today’s pop producers as the reason behind the success of many artists (eg Pharrell Williams for Britney Spears’ “Toxic”). I never thought I’d hear an amazing producer express so clearly that it’s not about the music, but rather about the video.

Guess who this is: “Fuck dis! [My video] cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons and shit! If I don’t win, the awards show loses credibility.”

Yep. Kanye West. He went on a tirade during the European MTV music awards (in which mostly American artists won awards) against the winners of Best Video, Justice and Simian. Granted, the award itself was about the video and I think Kanye’s video was probably better, having seen part of it, but to have such an overblown ego about a video is preposterous.

Let’s examine the above quote: 1) he spent a million dollars, 2) the video had Pamela Anderson in it and 3) he was “jumping across canyons”… and shit. Well, actually, do we need to examine these facts? Spending a lot of money does not a great music video (or movie or political campaign) make. Think Waterworld and Ross Perot. Pamela Anderson is the one you want to put in your music video to ensure it won’t succeed. And, c’mon Kanye, you didn’t jump over any canyons or shit, you just jumped with a green screen behind you.

I’ll give him that the Justice and Simian video isn’t amazing, even though it is entertaining. He even won a different award already. Stop being such a bitch, Kanye.

Oh yeah, Sore Loser #2: Saddam Hussein. He’s set to hang within 30 days. As my friend Harry pointed out, this is conveniently right before midterm elections. I don’ think it will sway the vote much, but we’ll see. I’m hoping for a change in senate control.

Mike Pesca just returned to his podcast “On Gambling” after a summer hiatus, and his first story after being back is on the Iowa Electronic Markets. It’s this online futures market run by researchers at the University of Iowa that allows gamblers to legally bet on the outcome of presidential and congressional elections. Right now, the majority of gamblers have shares in “RS–Hold”, meaning that the Republican’s will hold a tight control of the senate. Still, RS-lose (losing the majority) is a big gainer over RS-gain, a stock predicting that the republicans will actually gain a much greater majority. I’m really fascinated to see how well it predicts outcomes.

Wise Words

26 04 2006

Likely, all the readers of this blog have never heard of Har Mar Superstar. He’s this R&B-type singer from Minnesota whose act is essentially singing his songs, then stripping to his briefs during his last song. He lost his contract for a four-day stint at the Minnesota State Fair for doing this act… at the “hip” teen hangout area. Most of his songs are pretty goofy, but he has a great voice, and his production skills are amazing.

Additionally, he’s internationally recognized. He spent a season performing in Ibiza, Spain, one of the world’s party capitols. He’s good friends with the Osbournes. He sang lead for the Strokes at a show in NY when the lead singer couldn’t show, his name comes from a run-down strip mall in Roseville, MN, he’s good friends with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs… and he has lyrics like “deeper, deeper, I can feel your beeper” and “everything I piss on turns to solid gold”. Yeah, he rules. This song actually captures true emotions instead of a comedy act.

You are the Sunshine in my Soul

I miss you even though you’re not gone
It’s been hard to watch you suffer for so long
But I know we’ll all carry on
Love is strong
Love is strong
Love is strong

The past will repeat itself
And you know there’s no escaping personal hell
And maybe you can’t see what you mean to me
But it’s real, I just learned to show how I feel

We don’t always see eye to eye
But when my eyes aren’t seein’ you I start to cry
Cause I know there’ll be an emptiness when you die
Don’t try to hold on

Love is strong
Love is strong
Love is strong

And maybe we’ll meet again someday
When all our worldly problems have gone away
But right now all that I can say
Is thank you for so many wonderful days

If there’s a force beyond this world
They already know you’re worth your weight in gold
I don’t know if you’ve been told
You are the sunshine in my soul

If there’s a force beyond this world
They already know you’re worth your weight in gold
I don’t know if you’ve been told
You are the sunshine in my soul.