The Mooninites

29 09 2005

Alright. Fine. F&*k it. Just say “Here” and we’ll consider the word “Here” to stand for “Here I am, rock you like a hurricane.

You shall do as the Scorpions have done before you.



28 09 2005

Oh joy. My contact solution opened in my backpack and spilled all over
the random advil tabs scattered all over the bottom, creating a salinic
advil paste. And it’s all over my stuff. At least I didn’t spill hydrochloric acid all over the bottom of my bag.

Such a nerd:

This is ridiculous!

28 09 2005

Preposterous! Why are none of my friends posting? No friend postings,
no procrastination… unless I post! Yes, I’m most obviously
procrastinating and wired. I have a 9:30am test in psych and a 7:15pm
test in biochem, neither of which I’m looking forward to as I don’t
feel that prepared for either.

Things I hope to do real soon:

1. Cash in on that replacement policy I have for my mp3 player.
Hopefully I can get it replaced even if it’s not acting up too much. It
expires in January. Then I can get an ipod. I’m really interested in
trying this podcast thingie because I’m a newshound, and I’d love to
hear news on my mp3 player.

2. Get a new printer. Something that can print photos would be nice.
Oh, and something that prints in color, not in pink like mine.

3. Sell my PS2. And all my games. So worthless… mostly.

4. Get a digital camera because it’s about damn time I got something
that actually works. Then I can document this grand experiment I call

5. Get out and sail this weekend. That wind should be crankin’.

6. Learn to kiteboard, be it on snow or water. There’s special
instructor training in the upcoming weeks, and I want to learn. They
want us to teach, too. The club has big plans to get a snowkiting fleet
and a kiteboarding fleet along with a LOAD of new techs, which will
also be so sweet.

That is all.

Oh, and on the upside, at least I don’t have three tests tomorrow.

Yay and Nay

26 09 2005

Sitting in the library studying.

The “yay” part: I was nominated to several positions on the executive
board of our fraternity, including president. I take that as an extreme
compliment from my brothers. I need to think it over for the next week
and decide what I want to run for (or try for, since I’m technically
running for president first.) The “nay” part: it’s going to cost me
upwards of $50 to replace my missing rear wheel. F that.

I moved my sis today from her old dorm at Humphrey to Cole. I think
she’s going to like lakeshore a lot more than she may have liked the
southeast dorms.

Today I found out I might have an ulcer. I have to undergo some strange
dietary exclusions and avoid painkillers for the next week or so, which
will suck. On the upside, at least it’s not life-threatenting. I guess they can give you a test like a breathalyzer to see if you have Heliobacter pylori in your stomach. That’s the bacteria that causes ulcers. Crazy.

Alrighty. That about sums life up at the moment. Anyone interested in a ticket for Indiana?

Note to self – good music on –
Pavement – 5-4=unity

Protected: NOT doing homework

25 09 2005

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21 09 2005

Problem resolved.

Protected: What am I going to do? Katrien, you’re the only one who can read this. Help?

18 09 2005

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