Heroes – “4 Months Ago”

18 11 2007

I’m a Heroes addict, and I just watched the latest episode (via my own devices). I sent a message through Facebook to a friend, and I figured I’d copy the text down to this here blog, since I put some thought into it.

I saw “Four Months Ago”. I am currently scanning the episode, ala comic book store guy… here’s my cool/not/speculation analysis:


  • Suresh narrates again! he gives me shivers…
  • Peter exploding + Nate sacrificing himself + Peter saving him = kickass… we all knew something happened to Nate back there… Jesus
  • Maya kills an entire wedding party
  • Elle’s a brainwashed, sadistic, horny c**t… fo real
  • Bob’s a lying dips***
  • Angela Petrelli’s a lying c**t
  • Micah WANTS to be a hero! DL kicks ass and saves lives
  • Gina? WTF? As if Jessica wasn’t enough…
  • Bob notices [what’sherface]
  • The Haitian has compassion!


  • DL surviving Linderman, then getting shot and killed by some coked up X-head and dying within 10 min
  • the hurried plot exposition of Maya and Alejandro
  • Nikki’s stale acting
  • Alejandro turns Maya in for killing a wedding party in the tens (if not hundreds)? Why would she do that?
  • The Haitian’s a dick!


  • Adam… good or bad? Good until he meets Hiro again? Bob (nor Noah McHornRim) hasn’t f***ed with Hiro yet, right?
  • Adam vs. Seiler/Gabriel?
  • How does Seiler [take powers]!?! Hopefully the writer’s strike doesn’t stop this one…

“Good, then. Shall we save the world?”

I love this s**t.


Genious in small bits

15 11 2007

I, as I may have posted here before, am a huge fan of Post Secret. If you haven’t been there, check it out.

Frank Warren, the creator and curator of the project, spoke in Madison recently, and his talk was very inspiring. His thoughts in starting the project were very simple: 1) have people send in anonymous secrets on postcards and 2) display them to the public. It is an amazing project that has moved millions of people, and it truly is a simple, ingenious idea. When Frank spoke to us in Madison, he said that people often asked him how he came up with such a great idea. His response to us was that there are millions of ideas out there that just take people with a little thought and creativity to start up.

I believe I’ve found one such project. It’s called Face 2 Face, and it’s by artists JR and Marco. It’s better to show than to tell, so here are a couple videos.

FACE 2 FACE trailer by JR and Marco
Uploaded by 28millimetres

Uploaded by JR

A lot…

3 11 2007

 A lot has happened recently. My girlfriend and I broke up, I started my job and I’m adjusting to the new schedule based on all of that.

I’m starting to feel the breakup more now that we’ve been apart for a bit. It wasn’t so strange before for some reason, and I took it well for that weekend, but now a week later, I’m starting to miss her. It’s not in a  sad, “I want her back” teary-eyed way but rather that I miss someone who I can joke around with and spend time with. Maybe the best way to say it is that I miss the companionship.

This is the first time I haven’t had any close friends or a girlfriend around. Harry, Nate and the lot of friends of mine moved away on August 15, and now no one lives in my neighborhood. I guess I’m in a little bit of a lonely rut now, but I’m sure I’ll find people who can and want to hang out regularly. It is strange how friendship comes in waves.

Those friends from summer were some of the best of college (or at least my time in Madison). I find myself wishing Nate was around to hang with. It’s tough to get together with the others because I was never as close to them. It’ll be even tougher finding friends that good here or in another area. So many of my great friends live in Minnesota now: Davey, Nate, Katie, Jess, Chesla and Kevin. It’s a valuable lesson in knowing how you ought to treat friends and appreciate them.

A  lot of my co-workers are older than me or not really my type of people to hang out wit. I hit an early morning, post-shift breakfast with three of them on Thursday, and it was pretty boring. Besides the fact that I’m new, I’m also a guy and a few years younger than the youngest of them. I don’t think I possess the typical health care persona, either. It’s taking me a little bit of time to warm up to the chatty, friendly women at work. Yes, I work with men, too, but they’re more like me. It’s strange.

Speaking of work, adjusting to the sleep schedule has not been as bad as I thought it would be. What I think will be worse is finding ways to fill my time when I’m not working. At this point, I’d rather work every night of the week just to fill my time. The only time I feel like I’d like off would be holidays to go home.

Honestly, at work, I have people to talk to from the hours of 12am to 7am, and that just does not happen when you’re sitting at home. I need to get out and be more active, I think. Cycling and racquetball might be just what I need to make up for the workout I lack now that ultimate is over.

We’ll see. I have two more days to spend now… what can I do?

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