The List

It occurred to me that there are several goals I am striving toward in my life, and several others that I have achieved. This list will serve to document those goals, past and present. I’ll leave notes for each item as needed.

  • learn to sail and windsurf
  • learn one language fluently
  • bike across the country
  • create a personalized, permanent template for this site
  • Madison web project (confidential)
  • Madison web project (Doing Stuff… the spawn of my capture the flag group)
  • learn basic HTML
  • learn basic CSS
  • learn basic Javascript
  • learn basic PHP
  • learn basic XML
  • learn basic MySQL (or SQL in general)
  • learn to solder
  • learn basic circuitry
  • learn to program for circuitry
  • learn amateur screenprinting
  • write a book (National Novel Writing Month!) (note: 11/28/07 – failed… will try again next year!)
  • relearn piano

5 responses

28 11 2007
me =)

came across your website by accident. i was looking for the song title of a song by ratatat and found it in your archive. just thought id say hi and that i like your website. simple clear and concise. i admire the fact that you created a website just for you and have actually continued with it. i usually end up staring at the blank page until i cave and go do other things.
noyce website. =)



7 12 2007

Howdy, I was scoring t-shirts at Threadless, when I scored a shirt about Minneapolis. You said you are living in Madison, and I looked for your web page-nicely done! Any chance you can let me in on the secret Madison webpage??? I’m a reporter, so it may be worth your while!

12 12 2007

Hi, I was also scoring on Threadless and saw that you live in Madison, is that Madison, MN? One of my really good friends lives in Madison, MN, and it’s such a small place that I figured you might know him. Comment back on my blog when you get a chance!

12 12 2007

Ooops, mistyped my webpage!

4 01 2011

My head hurts reading this page…

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