24 04 2007

My hero, Nick Gurewitch, was interviewed in Esquire. His comment regarding what material was off limits for his comic strip was interesting:

Esquire: Is there anything you won’t joke about?

NG: No, I don’t see any reason to avoid a topic. If you can make a powerful enough statement, it provides an understanding of the miraculous and it’s entirely worth its weight in nastiness. You can make a movie like A Clockwork Orange and get away with showing an event like rape, and if contributes to a point that is marvelous I think you’re totally within your right to do so.

Well said, Nick. For those who don’t know how much I love it, go check out Nick’s comic, The Perry Bible Fellowship. Be forewarned, it’s edgy.

So spake Wikipedia:

8 05 2006

Most definitely recommended, as per my experiences: www.alessonislearned.com

Something else. Note the last line:

Solipsism (from the Latin ipse = “self” and solus = “alone”) is an extreme form of skepticism, saying that nothing exists beyond oneself and one’s immediate experiences. More generally, it is the epistemological belief that one’s self is the only thing that can be known with certainty and verified (sometimes called egoism). Solipsism is also commonly understood to encompass the metaphysical belief that only one’s self exists, and that “existence” just means being a part of one’s own mental states — all objects, people, etc, that one experiences are merely parts of one’s own mind. Solipsism is first recorded with the presocratic sophist Gorgias (c. 483375 BC) who is quoted by Sextus Empiricus as having stated:

  1. Nothing exists
  2. Even if something exists, nothing can be known about it, and
  3. Even if something could be known about it, knowledge about it can’t be communicated to others

Solipsism is generally identified with statements 2 and 3 from Gorgias.

But, in introducing methodological doubt (via Cogito ergo sum) into philosophy, Descartes created the backdrop against which modern interpretations of solipsism subsequently developed and were made to seem, if not plausible, at least irrefutable.

Solipsism is logically coherent, but not falsifiable, so it is not testable by current modes of the scientific method.


7 05 2006

Skeletor Image

Oh, and while I’m at it, this looks to be the most kickass flop of the summer. An ingenious idea.

Snakes + Plane =

Snakes on a plane, bitch!

Here’s the preview.


19 04 2006

Everyone Drunk But Me by Laura Beth Brandt
You missed it...

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17 04 2006

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I Left my Flannel in Jersey

10 04 2006

This webcomic is great:

Nothing Nice to Say by Mitch Clem
You can't see this! WHY?!?!

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ripping on Garden State… which I like. He’s from MN, too.

And another:

Nor can you see this one! Too bad, so sad.

last one, I swear:


1 02 2006

The Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch

So damn funny…

sad lame funny

9 10 2005

So, I know I’ve put this in before, but you all should check out postsecret.blogspot.com
Some of the secrets seem so real and sad. Others are lame and
melodramatic, things I wouldn’t really call secrets. Some of THOSE seem
like lies, too.

This… is funny:


5 10 2005


28 09 2005

Oh joy. My contact solution opened in my backpack and spilled all over
the random advil tabs scattered all over the bottom, creating a salinic
advil paste. And it’s all over my stuff. At least I didn’t spill hydrochloric acid all over the bottom of my bag.

Such a nerd: