Dreamhost Fucks Up Big Time

15 01 2008

From Scattered Genius: DreamHost Fucks Up Big Time!

I got hit with a $120 bill for hosting WAY early. Oy. Hopefully my account is still good. I’ll have to check.

Generation Y’s Most Trusted Brands

27 04 2007

From Marketing Daily:

“Talkin’ ’bout my generation…”

So, Outlaw Consulting performed research to find the top 100 most trusted brands by Gen Y (now the 21-27 demo).

The Top 15:

  1. Apple
  2. Trader Joe’s
  3. Jet Blue
  4. In-N-Out Burger
  5. Ben & Jerry’s
  6. Whole Foods
  7. Adidas
  8. American Apparel
  9. Target
  10. H & M clothing stores
  11. Levi’s
  12. Volkswagen
  13. Converse
  14. Vitamin Water
  15. Red Stripe Jamaican beer

According to the article,

“According to an Outlaw Consulting newsletter, the preference for simplification, lean-and-clean styling and all-in-one convenience could be motivated by environmental concerns. In other words, as the “green lifestyle” is something more and more people aspire to, the notion of excess has fallen into disfavor, notes Brickley, who wrote the report.”

Interesting factoid from the story: In-N-Out burger starts employees at $10 an hour. Craaaazy!

Not interesting… Fascinating

18 04 2007

Three very fascinating items found recently:

1. How to waterproof items (think digital cameras) with nothing more than two condoms, wetsuit glue, cardboard and anti-desiccant. It’s the Navy SEAL way, dude! (Found at lifehacker.com, which rocks hard.)

The Hole – video powered by Metacafe

2. Biodegradeable newspaper seedling pots! Cool beans!

3. The world map, resized to reflect the percentage of Wal-Mart store “objects” supplied by every country. It’s a bit scary. Found via (deep breath) consumerist.com>kottke.org>fake is the new real>some guy named Benjamin Edwards!

The Consumerist Reports on Charter Communications

12 03 2007

I was horrified to read this exchange with a Charter Communications customer service rep, as reported by The Consumerist.

This reminds me of another instance that occurred in Madison as relayed by Laura Kalinowski of the Daily Cardinal.

Secret Menu Items

12 03 2007

Ugh! Wasting so much time. One final thing from the Consumerist: Secret Menu items. Like them, I’m not going to test every one out, but we’ll see next time I go to Jamba.