Only because this is a distraction…

13 12 2005

First school: Saint Mary’s of the Lake preschool

First concert: Elton John… two words: A MAZING

First screen name: arne007

First funeral: my great grandmother’s

First scar: Dude… I have so many damn scars, I couldn’t say. Earliest I can think of at the moment: cat going apeshit on my left hand… I have a cross scar there. I think I’m just prone to scarring.

First pet: Rin Tin Red III

First piercing/tattoo: cartilage

First big trip: Nassau, Bahamas – 3 years old

First flight: same

First time out of the country: That again

First job: Caddy at Wayzata Country Club by the bag – Byerly’s Bag Boy at hourly

First true love: Tami, my first girlfriend

First MySpace friend: myspace? what’s that?

Last person you hugged: Ceci

Last song you heard: Jack Johnson – Mudfootball

Last car ride: Car? I think it was driving to Ridgedale with the fam to get on the Better Bus

Last time you drank/got high/ or did domething illegal: well, since drinking ain’t illegal for me anymore, I’d say holding secret meetings in unscheduled classrooms

Last time you took a shower: This morning

Last time you cried: Mike’s funeral

Last movie you watched: Jarhead, I think

Last food you ate: coffee now; pita and hummus an hour ago

Last item bought: Coffee

Last shirt worn: Mr. Yuk tee with long-sleeve warm-up

Last phone call: My Mom

Last time at the mall: Thanksgiving at Ridgedale for as little time as possible

Last drink: Coffee or beer

Last text message in your inbox: Oh boy… “Awww such a cute couple, mostly due to her looks and your pretty sweater.”

Last text message in your outbox: “Good luck testing! I know you’ll do great!”

Last thing you typed: Physics Lab write-up




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