Heroes – “4 Months Ago”

18 11 2007

I’m a Heroes addict, and I just watched the latest episode (via my own devices). I sent a message through Facebook to a friend, and I figured I’d copy the text down to this here blog, since I put some thought into it.

I saw “Four Months Ago”. I am currently scanning the episode, ala comic book store guy… here’s my cool/not/speculation analysis:


  • Suresh narrates again! he gives me shivers…
  • Peter exploding + Nate sacrificing himself + Peter saving him = kickass… we all knew something happened to Nate back there… Jesus
  • Maya kills an entire wedding party
  • Elle’s a brainwashed, sadistic, horny c**t… fo real
  • Bob’s a lying dips***
  • Angela Petrelli’s a lying c**t
  • Micah WANTS to be a hero! DL kicks ass and saves lives
  • Gina? WTF? As if Jessica wasn’t enough…
  • Bob notices [what’sherface]
  • The Haitian has compassion!


  • DL surviving Linderman, then getting shot and killed by some coked up X-head and dying within 10 min
  • the hurried plot exposition of Maya and Alejandro
  • Nikki’s stale acting
  • Alejandro turns Maya in for killing a wedding party in the tens (if not hundreds)? Why would she do that?
  • The Haitian’s a dick!


  • Adam… good or bad? Good until he meets Hiro again? Bob (nor Noah McHornRim) hasn’t f***ed with Hiro yet, right?
  • Adam vs. Seiler/Gabriel?
  • How does Seiler [take powers]!?! Hopefully the writer’s strike doesn’t stop this one…

“Good, then. Shall we save the world?”

I love this s**t.





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