Heroes and the consequences of the writer’s strike

8 12 2007

My first reaction at seeing the words “season finale” in a patient’s room was shock. How could Heroes be having a season finale now? WTF, mate? NBC is screwing us out of an amazing series end.

I had to sit and stew for a few days of working before finally seeing the “season finale” of Heroes. Having witnessed it, I must now say kudos to whomever put this together.

The Office ended very early due to Steve Carrell’s willingness to strike with the writers. The fact that Heroes kept going as long as it did must only be due to advanced filming of the series. In a couple small ways, you can tell that the plot was rushed to a finish, but they really did a wonderful job ensuring a halfway decent wrap-up and a quality future season.

And now for comments:

***********SPOILER ALERT***********

I was dissatisfied with a number of things. The plot line with Nikki, Micah and [what’s-her-name, whose power of visual muscle memory kicks ass] is very lame. Why should we care about a robbed comic book and a fire when the fate of the world is at stake? Nikke then gets caught in the fire when the house explodes, and we’re left to think that she’s dead. We can be pretty sure that she’s not, though.

That ties into one of the big frustrations for me. Tim Kring stated that one of his big points of creating the series was to make it like a comic book. Characters live and die nearly every episode. The best example of such is the death of Tawny Cypress’ Simone Deveaux, who dies just when you thought Peter might have a shot at getting laid. Suddenly, Claire’s blood is the deus ex machina that heals every character. The only one who seems to be gone “for sure” is Nate Petrelli.  More people need to die, and more need to enter the show. It’s already a great springboard for talent. Just keep the actors coming!

Now for the good: The writers (or producers or editors or whoever is left) did a great job of resolving the Shanti virus issue without making it crazy. Granted, we still don’t know what happened to Caitlin or what will happen with Adam Monroe who, according to Hiro, “won’t be hurting anyone anymore.” I’m still holding out for an Adam vs. Sylar battle royale that take up a whole episode ala Dragonball Z.

Nate getting shot is bullshit, as is the “final” fate of Adam. Peter’s change of sttitude probably should have taken another episode or two, but what can you do? I think that the room of mysterious things (such as a brain, a key and a poker hand with four queens) might mean a lot of things for future episodes. On top of that, there is no more imagery with the Primatech DNA logo, the cockroaches or many other things. They will hopefully start getting more creative like (I’ve heard) lost has gotten… though without going overboard as Lost (again, as I’ve heard) has.

The volume three title, “Villains”, is perfect. The show needs to get back to the intent of good vs. evil. I’m excited for its future stories… and Maya sucks. Why was she brought back to life?




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