19 03 2007

I learned recently through navigating the blogosphere that a lurker is one who views blogs, but fails to post comments on those blogs. More specifically (says Wikipedia), a lurker is one who views any of a number of self-published internet media types, but “rarely participates”.

I have reason to believe that there is a lurker viewing this very blog. I get stats on the blog, and I can see hits, as well as search engine terms used to find me. A lot of those terms are for things I’m obsessed with, like Arrested Development references. Others are for obscure things like songs by Godspeed You Black Emperor. Yet there is one search term that makes me suspicious: “co, the badger”. Very few of my friends know about this blog, as I haven’t made it public while I’ve been making my transfer from my old blog. In fact, I’d put money down that there are only two or three people who know about it. I can only think of one name right now, though.

Anyways, I don’t care if you tell me who you are or not, but stop lurking and start commenting. You can do it anonymously, you know. You are my only regular reader, after all.

Well, another completely exhausting day. Time to hit the hay (before 11:00 tonight! YAY!) A lot of interesting projects are boiling in my brain stew. I’ll let them out soon, my pretties! MUAHAHAHAHA!




6 responses

20 03 2007
Katherine Coble

This is the first I’ve read it, but I’ll not lurk.

Anyone who’s an Arrested Development fan is alright by me.

Although, were I you I would have said:

Come ON! Stop lurking!

20 03 2007

Yay! Thanks so much! Don’t you have a website? I’d love to see it.

22 03 2007
Katherine Coble

It should be linked here.


19 11 2007

Uh, yeah. Lurking. Although, I only reached this website by clicking the Next button. BUT DON’T THINK ABOUT THAT. Because that may dampen the joyful experience of receiving a comment. So, uh. ENJOY TEH COMMENT OF NON-LURKAGE. 😀

28 03 2008
Chris Rez

I found your blog through googling Will Arnett. I’m a big fan of Arrested Development and am hoping to read something on a AD movie.

28 03 2008

The most substantial thing I’ve heard lately on a Devo movie is from Keith Olbermann. Funny, we were just talking about Arnett. He was in a few episodes of 30 Rock, which my roomie and I were watching. I also mentioned that my sister showed me an episode of Sex In the City (second season) that he’s in. Hilarious.

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