Will Arnett

12 03 2007

Apparently I come up to some degree in searches for Will Arnett and GOB Bluth. Will, if you ever Google yourself (and of course you do), know that you are the glory that made the Bluths so dysfunctional. And my last name is Arnett… and I was GOB for Halloween… and I know that Blades of Glory kicks ass… and we all miss Devo.

Some pictures for evidence:

The Bluths… and Toby

Franklin Delano Bluth (Facsimile)Toby Gets Carried Away




3 responses

20 06 2007

just wonderful. googling arrested development is exactly what happened here. high five to you, sir.

22 08 2007

i found you by googling franklin arrested development, because I am throwing an AD costume party in a couple weeks! your photos inspire me!!!!!!!

28 12 2010

I love AD too! I want to throw a costume party now, even though none of my friends know about it. Stupid Fox. It shouldn’t have been cancelled.

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