Jesus had a kid?

28 02 2007

This is a fascinating piece written by Kevin David Boles of Urban Semiotic.

He references a Time magazine blog article found here.

The stories discuss James Cameron’s latest film “exposing the fact” that Jesus was married, had a child and died… for real, not as a fictional film. The questions that arise are important for the future. Is this really Jesus (Jesua) and his family, both parents and progeny? If not, whose bodies are they? Other good points made in the Time blog:

“Israel’s prominent archeologist [sic] Professor Amos Kloner didn’t associate the crypt with the New Testament Jesus. His father, after all, was a humble carpenter who couldn’t afford a luxury crypt for his family. And all were common Jewish names.”

Then again, this could be a sensationalist response to the Christian fundamentalist right, following in the footsteps of such great documentarians as Michael Moore. I guess I’ll have to watch this thing and make up my mind.




One response

28 02 2007
David W. Boles

Thanks for the link!

I’m “David” not “Kevin.”


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