Sore Loser #1

5 11 2006

I’ve lauded the production abilities of many of today’s pop producers as the reason behind the success of many artists (eg Pharrell Williams for Britney Spears’ “Toxic”). I never thought I’d hear an amazing producer express so clearly that it’s not about the music, but rather about the video.

Guess who this is: “Fuck dis! [My video] cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons and shit! If I don’t win, the awards show loses credibility.”

Yep. Kanye West. He went on a tirade during the European MTV music awards (in which mostly American artists won awards) against the winners of Best Video, Justice and Simian. Granted, the award itself was about the video and I think Kanye’s video was probably better, having seen part of it, but to have such an overblown ego about a video is preposterous.

Let’s examine the above quote: 1) he spent a million dollars, 2) the video had Pamela Anderson in it and 3) he was “jumping across canyons”… and shit. Well, actually, do we need to examine these facts? Spending a lot of money does not a great music video (or movie or political campaign) make. Think Waterworld and Ross Perot. Pamela Anderson is the one you want to put in your music video to ensure it won’t succeed. And, c’mon Kanye, you didn’t jump over any canyons or shit, you just jumped with a green screen behind you.

I’ll give him that the Justice and Simian video isn’t amazing, even though it is entertaining. He even won a different award already. Stop being such a bitch, Kanye.

Oh yeah, Sore Loser #2: Saddam Hussein. He’s set to hang within 30 days. As my friend Harry pointed out, this is conveniently right before midterm elections. I don’ think it will sway the vote much, but we’ll see. I’m hoping for a change in senate control.

Mike Pesca just returned to his podcast “On Gambling” after a summer hiatus, and his first story after being back is on the Iowa Electronic Markets. It’s this online futures market run by researchers at the University of Iowa that allows gamblers to legally bet on the outcome of presidential and congressional elections. Right now, the majority of gamblers have shares in “RS–Hold”, meaning that the Republican’s will hold a tight control of the senate. Still, RS-lose (losing the majority) is a big gainer over RS-gain, a stock predicting that the republicans will actually gain a much greater majority. I’m really fascinated to see how well it predicts outcomes.




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