Wow… on Craigslist MN

13 03 2006

Your thoughts? I’ll probably add mine when I’m coherent.

In the “Strictly Platonic” listings:

this weekend is going to suck – w4mw – 27

OK well, I’m a pathetic excuse for what I appear to be — which is a very nice girl with a very smart mind and good career and educated and talented and pretty and classy and outgoing and blah-frickin-blah … but I’m a pathetic excuse for all that because of my other life, which is as an alcoholic stoner who seems to like abusive men and doesn’t want to date anyone else but guys who are bad for her, or actually one guy in particular who is bad and keeps telling me I’m the best then says I’m the worst and makes me cry and I just can’t stand it anymore because I know I deserve better.

What I’m looking for is a girl like me as a friend who maybe can relate to the abuse I’ve suffered or my alcohol problem but doesn’t want to quit either. I definately don’t want to meet any preachers who think they can help me quit. I’m not ready to quit and even if I did, I don’t have a problem, so there. So please ladies who are in a relationship with a total asshole and are around my age please email me. I don’t have any kids so its hard for me to relate to that.

Or I’m looking for a guy around my age who might be OK with dealing with a girl like me by helping take my mind off things, driving me to the bar so I can drink, explaining to me how a real man would treat me (I have no idea) and explaining that just because a guy treats a woman nice doesn’t make him a total pussy or less of a man. I tend to think the nice guys are total wussies, which just gives me an excuse for staying with the abuse. By wussy I mean a guy who can’t even work on his car at all or who is against the war or who spends more time in the bathroom than me.

I definatley won’t sleep with anyone or do anything sexual with anyone, I actually have no sex drive right now and you can’t cure that, so stay far away from me if thats what you want.

Educated people would be cool because I do tend to hang out with mostly drug losers and it’d be nice to actually carry on a normal conversation with someone. But i’ll probably be smoking herb when/if we hang out. I just want a conversation that doesn’t involve all my faults or in which I’m not yelled at for things I can’t control or a conversation in which I’m not being manipulated or brainwashed into thinking I’m something less than what I am. And maybe it’d be fun to do something other than what is cool as defined by someone else’s terms.

I hope that spells it out enough. I’m very skeptical about meeting people off here even though when I was younger I met people off the net a ton of times for things like smoke and parties and whatever and I never had any problems really, but then I rented the Hillside Strangler and now I’m kinda afraid to talk to strangers and its been years. And I don’t want to sound racist but I’m a total Minnesooootan so I don’t really relate well to people from foreign counties.




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