21 02 2006

I had to document my breakthrough in my paper thesis. This will only make sense if you’ve read As I Lay Dying by Faulkner. I recommend it, as I liked it. I could lend it to you.
What is the larger theme in the text?!?!?!

Addie Bundren’s freedom! Did she want children or not? Anse was dead to her. she looked away from him before death. Talked of wild geese in her section. Darkness…darkness… darkness… light of her eyes flared up right before death, then died. How does whitfield tie in? Jewel and her affair with Whitfield? What did the children mean to her? What about after death? Did she “get back” at them by “causing” the trials and tribulations? Did she get at them by asking to be buried in Jefferson?




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