9 01 2006

The words of a friend:

“i hate getting caught up in being fake.”

Well put. I do, too. I’m glad it doesn’t have to happen this time. It’s real. I’m real.


Yeah…They call me Grizzly Bear.
Got long black grizzly hair.
Walk down the street and everybody stop and stare.
Oh, oh, woh… I’m wild and wooly and free,
And so you’d better not mess with me.
Let me tell ya’ that I howl, yowl, growl like a Grizzly Bear.

They say “There go Grizzly Bear.
Got no clothes to wear.”
They say I’m all hung up on being nowhere.
Yeah, but the girls they love my claws
And my great be chompin’ jaws.
Let me tell ya’ that I howl, yowl, growl like a Grizzly Bear.

Now I can’t be chained
And I can’t be tamed
And they can’t kill my desire.
So baby, gimme a hug.
I’ll be your bear-skin rug,
And I’ll lie in front of your fire….all winter.

So, baby if you dare,
Why don’t cha come on down to my lair.
And if you got some honey to share,
I’ll be waitin’ for you there.
Hey, you know I’m gonna come on strong
and we can hug an’ mate the whole winter long.
Let me tell ya’ that I howl, yowl, growl like a Grizzly Bear.

SPOKEN: Yeah , watch out baby , here I come again . . .

Yeah, they call me Grizzly Bear.
They say I’m kooky and square.
They can say anything they want about me I don’t care. (I don’t care.)
Because I’m takin’ it day by day,
And I’m livin’ my own sweet way.
Let me tell ya’ that I howl, yowl, growl like a Grizzly Bear.



3 01 2006

(AD reference)

I started shadowing my second dentist today. He’s our family dentist, Dr. Starczinski. (Star, they call him.) He’s very cool, likable and real. We talked for about half the time that I was there since one of his patients cancelled.

He told me that if he could do it all again, he wouldn’t. Strange, huh? Who says that? It turns out he hated dental school so much, that he would never put himself through that again. He said he enjoys his job, and he’s secure, but he wouldn’t do it again. That’s a true, honest man.

So he told me not to be scared off, but it’s tough not to think very critically about it. He said he had a girlfriend for the first quarter, then not again for the rest of school because there’s no room for a social life. Considering my track record with girls, that wouldn’t be too much of a change. Still, if I committed myself to a military branch afterwards, too, how would I live life? That would be about another 8-10+ years of my life. Granted, you travel in the military, and they pay for school, but so what? If I can’t enjoy life, what then?

I think I’m freaking myself out, but I still know I need to appreciate this whole “not working too hard” thing I’ve got going on in school now. It just sucks to think I won’t be able to hang out with friends that often and will just end up studying every weekend.

I guess this is a confidence booster type thing, then.

Game on.

ps Chesla’s gonna hang with me soon.

pps I got $257 back with my service plan at Best Buy! Ipod, here I come.


2 01 2006

. Take chances. Love life. Meet women.
. Love my friends and show them that.
. Reduce greed, selfishness and materialism in my life.
. A better sleep schedule.
. Drop the caffeine addiction. Daily headaches suck.
. Work out regularly without the expressed goal of losing weight.
. Get into dental school.

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2 01 2006

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