3 01 2006

(AD reference)

I started shadowing my second dentist today. He’s our family dentist, Dr. Starczinski. (Star, they call him.) He’s very cool, likable and real. We talked for about half the time that I was there since one of his patients cancelled.

He told me that if he could do it all again, he wouldn’t. Strange, huh? Who says that? It turns out he hated dental school so much, that he would never put himself through that again. He said he enjoys his job, and he’s secure, but he wouldn’t do it again. That’s a true, honest man.

So he told me not to be scared off, but it’s tough not to think very critically about it. He said he had a girlfriend for the first quarter, then not again for the rest of school because there’s no room for a social life. Considering my track record with girls, that wouldn’t be too much of a change. Still, if I committed myself to a military branch afterwards, too, how would I live life? That would be about another 8-10+ years of my life. Granted, you travel in the military, and they pay for school, but so what? If I can’t enjoy life, what then?

I think I’m freaking myself out, but I still know I need to appreciate this whole “not working too hard” thing I’ve got going on in school now. It just sucks to think I won’t be able to hang out with friends that often and will just end up studying every weekend.

I guess this is a confidence booster type thing, then.

Game on.

ps Chesla’s gonna hang with me soon.

pps I got $257 back with my service plan at Best Buy! Ipod, here I come.