go go go go sleep

28 12 2005

I should sleep but won’t just yet.

Break has turned out to be interesting so far. Seeing the family is
great, and I love it. We’ve been really lazy, watching lots of funny
stuff. So far: Madagascar, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, TONS of
Arrested Development, my new Muppet Show DVDs and more I’m sure. I had
an hour long pillow fight with my sister which drained us both and
essentially ended in a draw. Boy, that brought back memories… except
now it doesn’t end in tears. She fights back and actually can get me
down and covering my head pretty often. That was fun and nothing was
broken. Sweet!

I talked to our family dentist today about shadowing him, and he said
yes, so now I have to get at least 30 hours of shadowing done over
break. It will be both cool and break-consuming. Mer. On the same
topic, I’m going to be meeting sometime over break with a UofM
professor/general practitioner. He’s friends with the neighbor, and so
our nice, very cool neighbor will be setting up some kind of meeting
when I call him. I’m a bit nervous about that.

Grades are not yet in… nope, just checked again. So far, my grades
indicate a semester 4.0, but that’s not including psych and biochem.
EEK… biochem will likely be my first college __. I say __ because it
could be anywhere froma B to an F. That really scares me. Really.

Mad props to the friends in physics who made us the best section in
class and to Erin 1 for getting 19th in the class. Woo hoo. I still
need to find out how Erin 2 and Tommy did… and the gang from 103…
and the other random people I know in that class. I hope all did well.

I have a poetry and quotation fixation lately, and Shel Silverstein has
been filling that void. My away messages and other parts of my life
have been filled with his stuff lately. My favorite poem:

The saddest thing I ever did see
was a woodpecker peckin’ at a plastic tree.

There probably is a better favorite of mine, but that one always comes to mind first.

Ok. Sleep now.