Psych and stuff

20 12 2005

I just watched a video called Awakenings, about the remainder of a group of people who had Parkinsons disease froma strange outbreak during the 20s and 30s. Seeing what their life is like has horrified me… not by what I see of them, but by what I feel about myself.

I’m not sleeping right now because I had too much coffee because I am worried about how I’ll do on exams and how that will affect my life in the future. I realize now how infinitesimal that problem is compared to what my problems could be. I also realize what a gift I have in my life and what I should be making of it.

I know that I will avoid putting my parents in a home for as long as possible. I will love them and never pass up on opportunity to show them that. Same goes for my grandparents. And if the times comes when they have to be in a home, I’ll visit them as much as humanly possible.



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