Badgers vs. Gophers

17 10 2005

Oh my lord…

So life has been good. I went home for the Badger game and saw one of
the best Badger games ever… the ending… no words… should have
sent a poet… We drank prior to the game in a nearby parking lot with
a bunch of other Badgers then went to a bar for one. I have pics, but
I’ll post them later.

The rest of the weekend was great. I got to see my dog. He’s in pretty
bad shape but still hanging in there. My parents are still busy as
ever. My mom bought me clothes, my halloween costume and a new hockey
stick (YAY!). After loading up and seeing the fam, I headed back with
Dave’s little bro Brian. It was an uneventful trip except for the one
hour traffic delay due to a lane closure. That sucked big time. I guess
there was also a huge accident late last night. We saw the end of the cleanup on the way including the overturned semi. That’s so sad.




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