A great weekend…

9 10 2005

After about 6 hours of initiation and a year and a half of hard work, the Beta Xi chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha is finally a bona fide fraternity on the UW campus. Initiation was amazing (and secretive, as fraternity things go.) The banquet was also an unforgettable experience, and my date was beautiful. Thanks Kristen, I had a blast, and I hope you did, too.

We hosted brothers from Whitewater, Northwestern and Rose Hulman in Indiana. We also hosted the Pike intenational president, the regional president and the head of recruitment. It was classy, all tuxes and dresses. I haven’t danced liked that since Commodore’s Cup! Now it’s time to move on to the bigger and better things that we Pikes aspire to… and that’s a lot in the upcoming years.

Things otherwise are busy. We have a project due in biocontrol on Thursday, and I have a physics test on Tuesday.

The roommates are well as far as I can tell. I don’t see much of either of them and talk to them far less than I see them.

I’ll find out more about my stomach issues tomorrow and hopefully find out whether or not I have an ulcer.

I’ve been doing a lot of psych experiments lately. I did one for 2.5 hours today that will net me $30. It’s $10/hour, plus a $25 bonus if I do “homework” that they give me. I might get called back for a 4 hour test where they wire me with electrodes (to monitor brain activity.) There’s also a possiblity of shocks (yikes!) I’d be ok with that, I guess.

Well, I’m moving onto Physics test stuff now. Adieu!




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