Yay and Nay

26 09 2005

Sitting in the library studying.

The “yay” part: I was nominated to several positions on the executive
board of our fraternity, including president. I take that as an extreme
compliment from my brothers. I need to think it over for the next week
and decide what I want to run for (or try for, since I’m technically
running for president first.) The “nay” part: it’s going to cost me
upwards of $50 to replace my missing rear wheel. F that.

I moved my sis today from her old dorm at Humphrey to Cole. I think
she’s going to like lakeshore a lot more than she may have liked the
southeast dorms.

Today I found out I might have an ulcer. I have to undergo some strange
dietary exclusions and avoid painkillers for the next week or so, which
will suck. On the upside, at least it’s not life-threatenting. I guess they can give you a test like a breathalyzer to see if you have Heliobacter pylori in your stomach. That’s the bacteria that causes ulcers. Crazy.

Alrighty. That about sums life up at the moment. Anyone interested in a ticket for Indiana?

Note to self – good music on somafm.com –
Pavement – 5-4=unity




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