12 09 2005

I swear that my subconscious mind is a mess. I went to bed setting my alarm for 7:30 as if I had class at 8:00pm (ala fall ’04.) I woke up at 7:30, thought I should shower to wake up, then thought that if I did, I wouldn’t have time, so I left. I got almost all the way to lecture when I looked at my watch.

“7:45?” I thought, “I still had time to take a shower! Damn!.” I stopped at the ICU deli to get a coffee. As I was leaving, I was wondering why no one else was on the street. THAT’s when it hit me… class isn’t ’till 8:50. Jiminy Christmas do I suck. Luckily I have computers at Union South and my Physics text to keep me warm.

He started the day with mood and a shake
he was finally arranged.
Someone said with a cold, hard chest, “You’re a mess.”
He woke up at nights,
he thought he was twice,
he was moving away.
Cause everyone thinks that it goes away with age.
-Polyphonic Spree




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