I’m a bitch… and so is chem

8 07 2005

I went to see Death Cab for Cutie… awesome. I accidentally bailed on Ceci by leaving my cell phone ON the car for the park and ride. Sorry Ceci.

The show rocked, but the set was way too short and left me wanting more. Also, the shit we sat on was uncomfortable as hell.

I’m studying chem indoors on a lovely, warm night… 4 more weeks… 4 more weeks… 4 more weeks… BLECH!

Fuck chem and fuck summer classes. Next summer, it’s all sailing and parties, no bullshit classes.

It was familiar to me,
the smoke too thick to breathe
the tile floors glistened,
I slowly slurred my drink.

And when you started to sing
you spoke with broken speech
that I could not understand
and then you grabbed me tightly.

I won’t let go I won’t let go
even if you say so, oh no.




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