Guess who I saw todaaaaaaay…

28 06 2005

Yes. I saw Zach Braff today. I knew he was in town for three days (starting today) to film The Last Kiss, some of the scenes of which will be set in Mad Town.

I got up way too early from my nap to hoof it to work, and half way up Bascom, I saw a ton of people on the hill. I though, “Oh, that must be SOAR… am I early?” Sure enough, I was a whole damn hour early to work. So, I walked back down the hill to the greyhound station to refund my ticket. When I was almost there, Meghan called to tell me she was heading to look for Zach Braff because she heard they were filming on Bascom. When I thought back on it, I realized that none of the people were young looking SOAR kids and that I saw a director-type chair and a cast iron bench on Bascom. This odd combo of things jogged my memory into realizing that I was right freakin’ there!

Anyways, I told Meghan to call me back if she saw him. Sure enough, as I was in line at the station, she called and said, “Come here… NOW!” I left line and ran, but asI got there, she said that he had left with the rest of the cast. Among them: Blythe Danner (Meet the Fockers), Jacinda Barrett (Ladder 49) and Rachel Bilson (from the OC, I guess.) She said they were in a van to get back to the trailers by the Union. I said we should go down there to look, so we did. There were signs everywhere directing the extras and crew to lunch (at 2:30pm, no less.) We went into the Union and stood around, watching extras come in and generally mill around as they headed to lunch. Some small groups of extras came in and people with headsets directed them to lunch. A larger group came in and one of the extras said, “Where is lunch now?” I turned around and it was Zach. He was wearing normal clothes and slouching. They told him where to go, and he shuffled off with the group. Meghan was speechless, and she wanted us to go with her to get an autograph, but I said we should go tomorrow. I plan on getting a camera, too, because I’d rather have a pic than an autograph.

That was my big story. Today’s chem test went well, but chem is always on the horizon. Stay posted for more as details unfurl…




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