Batten the hatches! Jibe Ho!!!

26 06 2005

I believe I can now be upgraded from baby-faced sailor to slightly weather-worn sailor. This is especially applicable after my harrowing experiences as a pirate. Ask about those some time. The reason I feel as I do is because I now have a lifejacket/t-shirt tan, I’m pretty dark-skinned where I DID get a tan, I have a major Chaco (sandal) tan, I have wear marks on my feet where my Chacos have rubbed the skin away, my hair is sun-bleached blond, I have bruises that I don’t remember getting, and my hands have three big cuts and more than six nicks in them. Not to mention the fact that hot water hurts my hands because of all the rope burn I have… I guess I need to start wearing my gloves…

If you fail me, please don’t fail me now.
-Mason Jennings




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