25 05 2005

This entry was written on 5/28 as a recap!

Wednesday was a highlight of my time home. Kates and I decided
it would be fun to treat our cousin Max to Valleyfair since he rarely gets the
luxury of people our age (or a father) to hang out with.

As a background, Valleyfair is like Six Flags over Minnesota.
It’s the biggest theme park we have, and we make the best of it cuz it rocks.

We started off meeting Max where my aunt dropped him off by
our house. They were late due to traffic, which we soon found out would be a
major bummer. A pesticide truck tipped and tore open southwest of the cities
and was burning up. It messed up traffic in the whole city, and we were late
everywhere that day.

After we got Max, we went to Valleyfair. The trip normally
takes 30 minutes, but today it took almost an hour. When we got there, it was
looking cold and crappy outside. It had already been raining, but it let up
when we got there, which was nice. When we got in, Max refused to go on any of
the fun “new theme park”-type rides like the Power Tower (big drop) or Steel
Venom (big speed and drop), so we settled for going on coasters, which he
became obsessed with. All three of us got quite sick as the day progressed.

It got rainy and shitty, and we got wet and cold. I saw
Lindsey from Madison at a temporary
tattoo booth, and we chatted since I hadn’t seen her since school. That was
fun. Later, it got even rainier, and the rides got pretty open since most of
the grade school kids were pussing out and heading home on their buses. (Hah… I
guess I just called grade schoolers pussies… hey, my cousin played hookey to
come to Valleyfair with us, so I was proud of him.)

Here’s where the story gets interesting: I
took Max out to the car to get some dry clothes on after we rode the
“thunder rapids” ride where you get soaked. When we got out there, I
noticed a car two spots from us with a couple in it. The windows were a
little foggy, but I saw what looked like a girl giving her bf head and some hotboxing
(ask me) in the car. The guy took a picture of the girl, too. Now, if
this was some kind of place that only adults go (I don’t know where
that might be), I might have just dismissed it as being spontaneous
when you can’t be outside and the weather sucks. The case was
different, though. Little kids were the majority of the park’s patrons
for the day, and there was a constant chance that many of them might
wander away from their buses and walk by this sick shit in the parking
lot. I didn’t even say anything as Max changed, and I don’t think
(read: prayed) that he didn’t see anything.

When I got inside the park, I spoke to guest
services that I saw that stuff and that they should send someone out to
check on it. The tough part was convincing my cousin that I had to go
to guest services to tell them “what great customer service we got in
the park!” He totally didn’t believe anything I said, and I hope that
he didn’t see the stuff that was going on.

After all was said and done at the old VF, we
packed up and headed home to meet my aunt Suzy and drop off Max.
Traffic sucked serious ass since part of the highway system was still
closed. We got home, though. I went to sleep around 8:30 and woke up
around 7:00am… then 8:00am and lastly 11:00am the next day. Oy.




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