A Recap – written 5/28

22 05 2005

This is www.thepbf.com. As always, I recommend it.

So. Life has been full of excitement since school ended two weeks ago.
My buzzed ass feels the need to recount the majority of it in “daily
detail” , mostly for historical accuracy, so bear with me as long as
you can. Feel free to skim and glean.

Friday, May 13 – School ENDS!!!
We (a group of many) headed to the Memorial Union to listen to the Big
Wu and booty dance. I pissed a couple lady friends off by movin’ me
arse… but I really didn’t care.

Saturday, May 14 – Monday, May 16
– This period consisted of much revelry and sleeping as I saw fit. It
was pretty much my reward for surviving finals in one piece. I went to
the dentist on Monday for a teeth cleaning and set up an appointment to
shadow a root canal.

Tuesday, May 17 – Friday, May 20 – Tuesday
was interesting because I saw what should have been a root canal go to
a two to three visit ordeal because of an infected tooth. Somehow, I
was fascinated by this. I think dentistry may be right for me. Through
Saturday, I taught sailing. All I can say is that it’s amazing. I find
it so cool that I can take sailing students with no
sailing experience and show them how to sail a basic dinghy. I only
hope that the rest of the season is so enriching both to me and to
others. I love this teaching stuff!
Chloe’s 22nd b-day was on Friday, and we partie like the rockstars we are. You may hear whispers of “Nachtspiel”, “embarassing”, “Paul’s Club” and “sick” in the same sentences among the group that partied that night. Needless to say, I need not write about all the crazy shit that happened to us to remember it.

Saturday, May 21 – Sunday, May 22 – On
Sat. I taught my last lesson for a bit. I also straightened out the
arrangement for my friend Maureen to drive me back home. We planned on
heading back early Sunday so we could catch a St. Paul Saints minor
league game. (I think on the Thursday night before, Maureen and I saw
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Go see it! I’ve seen it twice now!)
Anywho, Maureen’s “New Beetle” conked out, and I ended up “hounding” it
to the cities. The Greyhound wasn’t as bad as stories had built it up
to be, and I ended up riding it with two friends who were off to the
cities for a conference. Katy and BJ were going to a prep conference
for exclusive missionary trips to places where they could only mention
the region they were heading to. They’re leaving for 6 weeks each to
two different areas that sound fairly dangerous. I hope they work hard
and that something good comes from it all.

Monday, May 23 – PRESENT – I’m
putting these entries seperately in chronological order even though I’m
writing them all on the morning of Saturday the 28th. This entry will
say May 22 since that’s what it covers.




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