A Series of “Whys” by (Soh)C(ahT)o(a)

17 05 2005

Why, oh, why? This question was raised several times today. It reminds
me of sweet childhood when “why” questions ruled my world. Here are
some such questions that came to mind today:

Why does MTV use great bands as back tracks to promote shitty bands
and/or shitty shows? Why, specifically, did I hear Pretty Girls Make
Graves being played (sans lyrics, of course,) while shitty Maroon 5
shows off their shitty house? Why do Maroon 5 live together?

Some culinary “Whys”:
Why do people use non-dairy creamer? Why don’t they realize that the
very existence of powdered non-dairy creamer is a horrible paradox? Why
don’t they use half-and-half, soy milk or rice milk instead?
Why do folks eat Kraft singles? Why don’t they eat real cheese that doesn’t look like plastic?
Why are brat buns sold in eights while brats are sold in sixes? Why do
I need to buy 24 brats and buns to be economically efficient?

Once again, I’m so tired. More “whys” tomorrow, wise guys.




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