Indiana Jones and the Keeper of the Clitoris

10 05 2005

It’s sad what I can find to procrastinate with. Now I have to comment on the female reproductive tract.

In going through my supplementary notes for anatomy, I found a couple lines that I found funny: “Females have an erectile organ that is homologous to the penis. What is the organ called and where is it located?” I remember our lecturer, a woman, made a point to cover this objective. I’m sure about half the guys in the lecture were thinking “Ohhhhhhhh! Finally! Now I know!” Or maybe I just think that guys don’t know where the clitoris is because of South Park…

Also, I think it’s really cool how homologous the external genitalia of men and women are. They start as the same structure emryologically, then differentiate at about 8 weeks after conception. The glans of that structure becomes the glans (tip) of the penis in men and the clitoris in women. The prepuce, or foreskin, of men is the clitoral hood of women. The ventral (bottom) side of the penis in men is homologous to the vagina in women. I’ve also heard that the clitoris has significant length which isn’t visible as it’s recessed in the vagina.

Yeah. So I guess I’m a little of an anatomy nerd in addition to a bug nerd.




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