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14 04 2005

I find it interesting that I rarely see the right protesting anything
unless a) they made up an excuse to protest it or b) the left started
lobbying for it.

Examples of point “a”:
The religious right – Tinky Winky and Spongebob are gay! Isn’t it obvious! Those flamers! They’re teaching our kids to be gay!
Marijuana bashers: Pot kilss people and funds terrorism.
No more to be said on point “a”.

You can see plenty of examples of point “b” on campus. An organization
is started in favor of someone by the left; an organization is started
AGAINST that person by the right. An org is instated to promote
goodwill and kind feeling (or at least tolerance); an group stands up
and says, “This is immoral/wrong/evil.”

It bugs me. Anyways, off the soapbox.

On another note, I don’t know if you set CNN to be your homepage like I
do, but I was amazed to read about this 10,000+ catch in a one-week
Dragnet. I didn’t even know the government did this kind of stuff, but
it freakin’ rocks! I figure, if they caught 10,000, at least 1,000 must
be from the midwest.

The breakdown from
“Among the 10,340 people captured between April 4 and April 10 are 162
accused or convicted of murder, 638 wanted for armed robbery, 553
wanted for rape or sexual assault, 154 gang members and 106
unregistered sex offenders.”

I do wonder how much of this
is to bolster Gonzales’/Bush’s ratings. Note that later in the story,
it reports: “Officials insist the operation was strictly designed to
carry out law
enforcement objectives but acknowledge the scope of the operation was
expected to prompt positive publicity.”

“Hmmmm…” indeed.




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