28 03 2005

Check this:
. Apparently the point of WebMD is to scare the LIVING SHIT out of you.
Notice at the bottom of the page where it says “You have been
experiencing mono symptoms, particularly for longer than
10 days, or if you have a severe sore throat for more than a day or
two; you need to be examined by a doctor to rule out other illnesses,
such as strep throat or — less likely — leukemia or infectious

Doctor: Hmmmm… you may have strep throat….
Me: Oh, phew. I thought it was serious.
D: On second thought, this could be blood cancer… like leukemia.
M: WHAT!?!?
D: Oh wait. It’s mono.

The line after says swollen lymph nodes are a sign of tuberculosis,
cancer or HIV. Christ! Imagine some old person searching their symptoms
online and seeing this! My grandpa thinks he has all sorts of stuff all
the time because doctors mention what something could be. The have to
be riders on these kinds of things.

That is all.




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