Life as I know it

7 03 2005


DELIGHTED to find that Johnny Depp, Benicio del Toro, Russel Crowe, Don Cheadle and Jim Carrey made GQs “The Greatest Actors of Our Generation” list.

UNSURE how I feel about Leo DiCaprio and Nick Cage making said list.

WONDERING who Clive Owen, John C. Reilly and Gael Garcia Bernal (the other three on the list) are.

ANTICIPATING going to Jamaica in two weeks.

ANXIOUS about the ramifications of my hunger strike tomorrow protesting Gov. Doyle’s proposed budget and his lack of concern for UW schools. I start fasting at 10am and am SUPPOSED to go until Thursday at 10am. My goal is to last at least a day.

WORRIED how I’ll do during an interview for teaching sailing for Hoofers this summer.

PISSED that training for the job (if I got it) TOTALLY overlaps my Tae Kwon Do belt test.

SICK of trying to study and not doing it.

READY to finally try my hand at getting the features column spot on the Daily Cardinal.

SET to study.

GOing away from the computer now.




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