4 03 2005

Band: Pinback
Sound: Very mellow. They have a distinct sound. The guitar is a plucky tone, though sometimes it sounds like a steel drum and sometimes it’s acoustic. The lyrics flow well, and the bass runs a few of the songs. There’s a little sampling, a little synth and a couple looped drum beats, which adds just the right touch.
Songs: AFK (once again, check the video at the featured clips section of the Touch and Go/ Quarter Stick Records website – http://www.tgrec.com/); Fortress; Penelope; Seville; Boo – this song has some great flowing lyrics and a kind of odd, spooky melody.

Also, I’ve decided I’m going to make an mp3 disc of all my fave songs, available either for free (provided a blank disc) or for trade with an equally awesome CD. Someone needs to commission me to do it first, so keep checking these bands out, let me know when you’re ready, then I’ll EXPOSE you! … to new music. Seriously, this stuff is good.

Oh, and reply to this when you read this so I know it’s not all in vain.




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