Scary Stuff and more

1 03 2005

Dan Savage recently reported some scary new findings about STDs.

One is a new strain of HIV that doesn’t seem to respond to any of the anti-retroviral medications used to treat other HIV patients and suppress their HIV. It also seems to rapidly progress to “full-blown” AIDS. He said that the first man to report it said he had sex with hundreds of men while doing crystal meth over somehting like a two week period.

The other is a new form of chlamydia called lymphogranuloma venereum or LGV for short. “Symptoms of LGV include a painful, bloody rectal infection, genital ulcers, and exploding lymph nodes in the groin.” It is apparently spread through unprotected anal sex and has infected six men in the US as of the printing of the column.

Sometimes I wonder why we’re such idiots. We in America actually have access to condoms, safe sex programs and the medecine to treat some nasty thngs, yet we still fuck up so much. Just because we’re idiots then, people in disease-stricken countries have to deal with an AIDS epedemic entirely unrelated to us, and they have NO real knowledge of how the disease works. They don’t get enough condoms, they don’t get the right education, and they have no money to fight even the simplest of disease. We truly are a nation of ignorance and privelege.

On other topics, I may try for the features columnist position with the Cardinal. On the rare chance that I actually GET the position, I’ll try to fit all the friends of mine into my columns to make them feel popular. If nothing else, everyone will have a peek at personal life once a week. YAY!

I ‘m also going to try to profile bands I’ve recently found once per post, so here’s today’s band.

Band: TV on the Radio
Sound: Think Marvin Gaye with a little funk and a smidge of electronic. These songs are for seduction and relaxation.
Songs: Staring at the Sun (check the video at; Wear You Out – Think about that girl or guy at the bar that you’re determined to get no matter what. That’s what this songs about. Perhaps my new favorite song for “lovin.”




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