The New Quahog Mafia

10 01 2005

So we organized a mafia night last night. Who knew that could be such a
blast. Man! I think at one time we had fifteen people. If you’re
wondering what mafia is, ask, because the rules take a little bit to
explain. Basically, it’s a mystery game where people get killed off
nightly, and the group has to decide who the mafia members (killers)
are before they kill off the group. You can play with all sorts of
characters or even make up your own, but we added one at the end that
had some funny (albeit useless) results. The character was the

The undertaker takes the last “will” of everyone who dies and collects
them until he/she dies. At that point the wills are read. The will can
only be one sentence and it can’t identify who wrote it. It turned out
that I was the undertaker, and I didn’t die. At the very last chance,
we townspeople figured out who the mafia was. It turned out to be
Callie, even though I think we were all clueless the entire round.
Anyways, here’s the will. I know one of these was Kevin and one was the
other mafia… whoever that was. Help me fill in names and roles!

  • Good luck w/o your angel, bitches! (Dave – Not the angel, bitch! That was Barthel!)
  • I got nothing, I think it’s Collin. (Cynthia – Townsperson)
  • You screwed yourself, bitches! Good luck! ( ? )
  • Kill Rachel! ( ? )
  • Chez has a great penis! (Bethany – Townsperson)
  • I agree. (Arrow to last statement) Not Andy. ( ? )
  • I was your mayor! ( ? )
  • I was the snitch. (Rachel – The Snitch)
  • Callie is the Mafia Queen! (Katie – ?)

If anyone has comments about the night, please post. I think it needs to be done again soon!




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