Life as I know it

29 12 2004

Well, it’s interesting to read all of the new entries, given that a
bunch of people have a bunch more time on their hands now. I myself had
resolved to do many things over break with my time. Unfortunately, I
have just exoperienced a setback to one or a few of those things.

I was snowboarding last night and feeling really good about my
abilities. About an hour before we were supposed to go, I was heading
down a run alone. I had been feeling pretty confident about my carving
abilities, so I was trying to just go straight down a hill on one edge.
It’s tricky because you have to stay on the edge that faces the most
uphill, otherwise, you catch your “front” edge, and you can fall.

Well, I’d been falling all night just because that’s the way
snowboarding goes. This time I was going straight down a pretty sharp
incline, and I was leaning on my heels. I had to lean to my toes to
turn left and get back to the lift, so I shifted. Unfortunately, I
hadn’t kicked my board back enough to make the shift right, and when I
shifted, I caught my edge. Also unfortunate was the fact that I was
going faster than I had all night (and likely had ever gone on a
board.) When I caught my edge, I flipped and slammed down on my hip. I
heard a pop and could hardly move anything below my waist without a TON
of pain.

After a few people  had gone by me, a boarder stopped and asked if
I was alright. I said “no: so they had the lift guy call the ski
patrol, and a whole ordeal ensued. Four hours, two car rides and two
Vikoden later, I was sitting in the hospital being told that I didn’t
break anything, but I bruised a bone or two and a lot of muscle. Now,
I’m at home and can hardly walk without crutches. I guess I can if I
pop a couple pills and let that set in, but it’s still hardly limping.

So, yay! Now I can’t play pickup hockey, I can’t play anyone in
raquetball and I can’t wokr out to get in shape for Tae Kwon Do. Among
the things I can do: complain, read one of my MANY books, eat, bitch,
not drive, watch TV, sulk and limp. Wow, so cool, huh? I think I may
just do one of those things now.

Bueno navisto nachado senores!




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