14 12 2004

Wow. This semester never seems to stop bringing me down. I have a final news story due tomorrow, and my teacher doesn’t like where it was going, so I had to “focus” it, thus making two of my sources obsolete. Chances are, he’ll extend my deadline, which is good and bad. Good: I have more time. Bad: I have a chem test on Friday that I should have started studying for by now, and I’m sick of this shit.

Every time I think I have a chance of finishing this story on time, some new kink jumps in my plans. When I tried getting an authoritative source on my original story, he denied to talk to me and refered me to a guy who knows nothing about what I’m writing about.

Now, when I focused my story to this specific compound this doctorate student has made, his head researcher declined to comment. I feel like I’m walled in. I have an insect colleciton due Monday, and every time I hit another problem, it just makes me want to break down.

All I keep thinking about is going home or studying for my other classes which might matter more. I’m sick of people telling me what I should do or how to do things, and I just want this fucking semester to end.




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