Sex, Lies, Calculus and Sonic

3 12 2004

Wow. here’s an update for those not in immediate contact with me (since
I’m antisocial via AIM right now.) I studied hard for my calculus exam
on Wednesday, and I rocked it… hard. I got a 91/100, and the cutoff
for an A was an 85. MAN! SO cool!

The rest of my semester (until tests) consists of getting entomology
presentations ready and identifying about 150 insects… HOORAY FOR
BEETLES! Such meticulous work. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do
this. Oh well, best shot I guess.

So I’ve been listening to a lot of new music lately. Let me plug SomaFM
once more. They have a bunch of internet stations, including a seasonal
Christmas one that’s funny as hell. Their Indie Pop Rocks station has
introduced me to a bunch of new groups. I can confidently recommend The
Unicorns, and I also like The Delgados, Pinback, The Decemberists and
TV on the Radio. Check the station out!

My buddy also recommended Motion City Soundtrack, who he said were from
Minneapolis. I may have to see them some time. I STILL need to see
Atmosphere and Brother Ali live, too.

If you’re from the Twin Cities, be sure to check out Wookiefoot live at the Cabooze on December 30! I’ll be there, so let me know if you want to go.

Right, last random thought: has anyone ever heard the Polyphonic Spree?
The lead singer has this crazy voice! If you’re not familiar with the
group, the name does a good job of describing the group:

\Pol`y*phon”ic\, a. 1. Having a multiplicity of sounds.

(spr) n.

  1. A carefree, lively outing.
  2. A drinking bout.
  3. A sudden indulgence in or outburst of an activity.

The band consists of a drummer, a trap set, a french horn, a trombone,
a bassist, a harpists, a strings player, a trumpeter, a pianist, an
organist/synth dude, a theremin player, a guitarist, a floutist, a lead
singer/pianist/guitarist and nine voices! That’s 23 people! to top it
off, they all wear robes!

Think of a song where a chorus comes in for the last refrain, and it
builds. That’s about every one of their songs. I can’t say I LIKE every
song, but they really are amazing. Listen to Soldier Girl, Two Thousand
Places and One Man Show. Their website has their mp3s on it.




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