Oh so sad…

3 11 2004

I’m sitting in the library with a few damn problems. Number one on the
agenda: Kerry’s loss. One word: horrible. It’s really a shame. I don’t
think Bush is an entire idiot, but a lot of his policies are horrible,
and Kerry could have run this country better. Someone pointed out to me
that it’s not about heatedly contesting the popular vote in OH for a
month but about instilling and maintaining faith in the democratic
process in the minds of Americans. If a democracy doesn’t work for
people, society crumbles. Still, ugh…

Big names are sick: Arafat has leukemia. Rehnquist has thyroid cancer.

I can’t get into my lab to work on my beetles because I have no key for it. That sucks.

I’m listening to NPR, and it’s interesting to hear about the moral vote of ’04. Exit polls
put “moral values” as the most important reason for voting for Bush
while economy was the most important for Kerry voters. I guess the
moral values thing ties in with the absolute denial of gay marriage in
the US. I can’t really comment too much on the gay marriage thing since
I’m still not sure about it myself. I’ve only recently come to fully
respect gay people, and I’m not ready to make a decision yet. My social
feelings clash with my religion.

I’m trying to figure out what to do with my life. There are so many
options, and it’s a lot of research to get to that point where I’ll
have a couple solid decisions. Right now I’m keeping MANY options open.
Here: an armed force (civilian army position, enlisted navy or air
force,) Peace Corps (other end of the spectrum,) grad school (looking
less and less interesting,) lawschool, medical school (probably not,)
dental school (looking pretty damn interesting, but I know nothing
about applying,) and getting a real job. The most likely real job would
be something like reporter or something in agriculture or witht he
DNR.  I wouldn’t want to get into an entomology job unless it
meant I’d go beyond a lower level. That probably wouldn’t happen unless
I went to grad school, so…

I have dodgeball at 9:00, then I don’t know what I’m on to. Probably chemistry and/or math.





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