Oy (pt. 2)

11 10 2004

Wow. I’m searching for motivation in a bag full of distractions.

I got home this weekend hoping to catch a bit of the Twins game but instead finding out my sister got injured at her conference soccer championship. Some bitchy gal from the other team who’s given me sis crap all year fell on her leg. She was out for a bit then went back in the game. After a little bit more on the field, her leg just gave, and apparently she was screaming in pain. I guess she either snapped her MCL or “broke” a meniscus. Her MRI is tomorrow, and I feel really shitty cuz she’s home alone while my mom and dad are in Missouri seeing a specialist about my dad’s Lyme Disease. Oy is just the beginning.

I also watched the Twins lose. Twice. To the Yankees. WTF?!?! Twice today I’ve heard people say, “Well, they’re a Minnesota sports team.” GAWD!

Well, after a long drought of updates, I have to sign off early again. Shower, a little homework, then bed bed bed.





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