Collecting bugs soon…

26 09 2004

I’m watching Six Feet Under right now. The show is great. The opening credits are amazing, as I’ve already related to Davey. It’s odd and sterile and earthy, all at the same time. The material of the show is excellent, too.

We hosted a party last night, and I pulled a couple bone-headed moves. One, I left a pizza in the oven from about 3am till Dave shut it off at 6am. Now the house smells like seriously crispy carbon. Yikes.

Two, I was reprimanded by a bud because we were supposed to give two girls our numbers. When I was giving mine, I said something along the lines of how she was just punching in zeros and wasn’t taking my number. She got angry, and she and her friend left. This sucks because (a) I don’t remember a damn bit of it and (b) they were really cute (according to Rishi). So there you have it.

It has always seemed to me that people are more themselves when drunk. They let loose and let their guard down or say what they really feel. My freshman year roommate drank a bit and would yell at me some times. He was a mean drunk, and I think it showed that I was getting on his nerves only when he’d drink. I think my blowing this number exchange indicates my underlying cynicism of my ability to “get” women. By “get” women, I mean asking them out and pursuing some kind of relationship. I always had this low self-confidence because I’ve been blown off a lot, and, as one friend pointed out, you get more optimistic when things work out well and more pessimistic when they don’t. So I guess right now I’m on the low end of the spectrum. I don’t let that get me down too much, though. I figure if I go out there and just keep doing my thing, I’ll meet someone I connect with and who enjoys doing said thing as well.

I better head to bed. Bug collecting early. It’s so nerdy but so true.




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