Like a storm report: worst day on record

22 09 2004

Wow. Another shame of Wisconsin.

So, life’s been shitty lately .. particularly today. It all started at midnight … when I was still awake. I went to bed around 3:30, making my total sleep amount suck. I woke up at 6:15 to finish the work I couldn’t stay awake for last night, including some news writing homework and my lab prep quiz (which still has to be retaken.)

After going to news writing, which went OK, I hit up math, in which I raced to finish my pre-lab summary for Chem. I then left five minutes early to race to the bookstore and buy chem goggles. I got the goggles, then ran back to chem for my 11-2 lab. My partner and I worked well together, but we almost didn’t finish the lab in time. As I was eeking out the last answers, the fire alarm went off for a drill, and we all had to go outside, so I did that, then turned in my answers to my TA.

I left the chem lab at 2:15 on my way to do some field work for my job from 2:30-6:00. Went out in the field and could barely keep my eyes open as I counted wasps and the amount of time they stayed to feed at their food source.

My boss drove me home, and I got there at about six. It was then that I found out I hadn’t given my football voucher to my roommate so he could turn it in for front row tickets. That’s number three in a series of football ticket-related incidences where I fucked up royally. I don’t even have the energy to care about my horrible ticket fiasco, and I don’t think I will. Period.

I can see quite a few Wednesdays being like this if I don’t try to get rid of my crap-ass Tuesday shift at Ed’s. That’s valuable study time to me right now, so I think I’ll be trying to get it and maybe pick up a early Saturday shift on my “on weekend”.

I’m really trying to focus on the good and funny things that happened today instead. Here’s a list (counting my blessings):

I got to have a couple long conversations with the “godfather of wasps” … literally. Apparently he’s the world’s leading researcher in social wasp behavior, and he’s my boss. AWESOME!

When I was watching the wasps for my research, I got an idea of their personalities, which sounds funny, but tis true. They are numbered by dots of paint on their backs, so I learned three numbers. 18 is a pig and eats all the time, 19 is huge and not very spatially oriented, and 20 is a klutz that keeps falling into the sugar water and messing up her wings.

A girl at the bookstore offered me a free coke when I found out they didn’t accept credit cards. I thanked her a ton, then, as I was walking away, I found $1 and gave it to her.

I haven’t been shot down in a while, and while that may change soon, I’m happy-go-lucky.

I’m ready to sleep.




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