Good God

20 09 2004

Oh so busy. I’ve decided “fuck it”, and here’s why:

My hair is becoming a problem in a few ways, and it needs to be cut. Long hair doesn’t suit me as much as shorter, shaggy hair or very short hair, so that’s what I’m going for. My hair’s getting knotted and requires a lot of brushing, plus it gets in my face and requires a lot of shampoo and conditioner. I admire ladies for putting up with long hair.
Also, I understand that many men with long hair look like women from behind, which sucks. I was almost hit on on Saturday night when a guy came up from behind and started laying the moves on, then said, “Oh shit. I thought you were a lady.” Yikes. As soon as I can get a good stylist or barber enlisted, it shall be so.
Also, I feel “fuck it” because I’m being a dumbass about keeping up with school work and keeping the house clean. It needs to be done, and I need to find the energy to do it. No more stupid-ass midday naps unless I have the means and the time.

In further news, here are random thoughts:

I’ve come to the conclusion that Chancellor John Wiley is A. a once-every-50-minutes smoker and B. a very busy man. I saw him smoking at 9:40 while walking into class on Bascom Hill, and he was pacing, smoking and reading a document. As I left class at 10:45, he was also pacing, smoking and reading a document (possibly prior document.) I wanted to say hi, but I would have had to say something rather than just “Hi, Chancellor Wiley.” If I knew any of his current agendas, I maybe could have mentioned one, but I know from earlier talks with him that he hates to be bugged on smoke breaks, since people that bug him then are not generally on his list of appointments and have their own agendas.

Women who wear the standard pleated, ruffled or torn-looking short skirts on a regular basis come off as sluts, whether they are or not. There’s a difference between “trendiness”, class and a good fashion sense, and they only have one. Trendiness is stupid since some great things come in trends along with he worst things. To file in the bad category: Ugg(lie)s and ponchos … or whatever the fuck those things are. The coasties will be “so over” that style by the end of this semester.
I admire girls who dress uniquely but with taste, style and elegance without showing off their daddy’s personal funding supply.

Life is insane, and it’s time to clean the bathroom.




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