16 09 2004

Goofy, this time you’ve gone too far.

I still have a lot to say, but I’m only writing this down because I need to now:

I was walking along, two brats in hand and a Sprite in my pocket (ask later) when all of the sudden, I heard this far-off buzz. It got louder.. and louder… and louder… and FUCKING LOUDER until people were shouting to hear each other. Then I looked behind me, and it was this wanker on a moped. It sounded like he decided to drive 5,000 miles to run the thing into the ground, then beat the muffler off with a sledge hammer. He pulled up to a stop light, and even on idle, the thing was like a chainsaw puttering. He shut off the moped, and everyone had a moment of noise relief. When the light changed, he flipped the bike back on, and the noise resumed.

The funniest thing was, when the car in front of him didn’t move, he “honked” at it which really sounded like a small, dying mammal. I hardly heard the beep over the engine, and I know the car didn’t hear it. The guy took off after the car moved, and it got really noisy again. Even worse, the guy didn’t go above 10 mph with it gunned. Sad.




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