Hey, (A young Marvin in his); see also: Jigga Man

16 09 2004

Melby beat me to the punch putting it up … but …. but I saw it first! I really did. I get the paper now.

Well, I have a lot to say, so I’ll get to as much as possible.

I’m joining Pi Kappa Alpha. It should be a great time with great people, and I’m already getting fairly active in it.

Ok. I’m sleepy and can’t hit on the big points, but those are to come. Check out my new random thoughts.

Random thoughts:

Doesn’t this – “rn” – look like this – “m”? That sucks.

This fuck needs his head checked. This is from www.blacktable.com. I recommend you check out their “Best of 2003” collection.

Everyone’s a little masochistic. Don’t you ever get canker sores and poke them with your tongue until they scream pain? Then you just want to keep doing it more, like it’ll make it better.




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