8 09 2004

Ooof! Classes in 5 hours (that’s 7:45 for you non-time-checking folks.) Crap is tough here and now, and getting it all done is tough, too. I promised to sit in line for two hours for football tix, sit at the student org fair for two hours for Tae Kwon Do and now, on top of that, to write a story for the Daily Cardinal in the hours (space 🙂 between. Schedule: class from 7:45-10:45, wait in line from 11-1 and redeem tix for hopefully front row, news meeting at the DC at 2:30 to be briefed, interviews for the story until 4:30 when I need to be at the student org fair. After 6:30, I head back to the DC to write my story. Yikes.

On a brighter note, I found out I have fans. Hi Chloe! Hi any readers that aren’t listed as my LJ friends! I like responses to what I write, so feel free to post as an “anonymous” person, then sign your name. If you wanna stay anonymous, don’t sign.

On the same note, I see friends posting that haven’t posted for a bit, namely Melby (melbystar). Nice to see you back, chap.

Man, so on an incredibly ironic note (it’s an evening of notes), I may join a fraternity after vowing not to join one. PKA (Pike) seems like a good group of guys, and my buddies Rishi and BJ are in it, so I may join. They lack a house, and dues are cheap, which works for me. I’m unsure if I have any time is the only thing. I’m working my ass off this week and am writing that story in lieu for playing laser tag with Pike. Oh well, maybe I’ll still join. I’d get to be a founding member since it’s a new frat. Cool, eh?

My big deal about them is that they plan on bringing the “gentlemen” mentality back to fraternities, which is the reason I never seriously considered joining one. Granted, they all state that their frat acts like gentlemen; but usually, it’s shady-ass womanizing, binge drinking and cookie cutter clothing. While I have nothing wrong with macking on women, I have a problem with reported sexual assault and rape. While I have no problem with occasional binge drinking, I think a maximum of once a week is allowed for me and getting truly sloshed. To get that wasted is more like once a month. My last big beef is with the clothing of sororities and fraternities. It’s unoriginal, branded and bland. The girls who wear the really short skirts are great eye-candy but not gals I could imagine getting to know for many reasons (mainly that if they’re attracting guys by wearing this, what will they wear when they get one?).

Oh, and ugly ponchos are the new Uggs.

Anywho, this frat seems good.

Ok. I’m rambling and lame and need sleep.

Love ya’ll,




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