27 08 2004

Ah yes, I’m in Kill Bill mode now.

So, here I am on the eve of the first true party weekend of the new school year. Half the frosh are in now, and half will be here by tomorrow night, plus there’s no school until Thursday. Can you say “Pah-tay”?

This is also the beginning of the second half of my school career… technically. I’ll probably go at least a semester over, and I also might do grad school, so I won’t get too teary-eyed yet. Wah…

Life is good. I just gorged myself on Papa John’s for a Hoofer’s Sailing Club Friday night social. Mmmmm… someone join the club with me! I’m learning two new boats now that I’m heavy rated on Techs. The new ones are the 420, a two-person racing boat, and the Badger Sloop, a slightly larger boat made to carry up to five people. I’m thinking once I get this, we’ll all head out and have a few beers while we’re on the water. Yay. Notify me if interested.

I still have some “deep” writings to do, and the thoughts mount up daily, so soon it shall pass… perhaps after I find a fucking desk.

“Deskless and not currently in” Love,




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